About Us

1977 Hustler Lane is a lifestyle brand. We are a customer-friendly brand that cares about your fashion needs and strives to satisfy them.

1977 Hustler lane might not have all you want, but what we have, is FLY. 

I am Jala, the owner of 1977 Hustle Lane. I wanted to personally thank you for subscribing to my newsletter and introduce myself. I am a proud St. Louis native and we all know you can't spell HuSTLe without STL.

I’ve always had a creative mind, and I’ve loved fashion since a small child. I started my company as a dope t-shirt brand, but the hustler in me began to think about how I could expand. I began playing with prints, and birthed an idea that would led to something more. I love funky and fly leggings to work out in.

I’ve met a lot of curvy and thick women, who felt uncomfortable in wearing printed leggings. I wanted to show them, that not only can us thick thigh women wear funky prints, but that we can look good in them as well. I know how it is to have to choose comfort over style. I want my clothes to provide you with all the coverage you need, whether you are working on those body goals or out on your weekend errands, or meeting up with your girls for brunch.